Tesla Toy RadioFlyer Help & Support

The most common issue with a RadioFlyer Tesla Model S for Kids is that a connector has disconnected or been damaged so first of all check all the connectors via these 5 checks, if you’ve tried all of these or the issue isn’t related we suggest contacting RadioFlyer support (via email is probably the best method in the UK) who can help diagnose the problems you’re experiencing and advise the best method to solve the issues.

If you have a question or are struggling to get the issue resolved with RadioFlyer please directly contact a member of the Tesla Owners UK team, please message us via Facebook or Twitter.

1) Perform a connector test following this PDF guide

1.1) Tesla Model S for Kids: Connector Check A

1.2) Tesla Model S for Kids: Connector Check B

1.3) Tesla Model S for Kids: Connector Check C

1.4) Tesla Model S for Kids: Connector Check D

2) Steering Wheel Assembly Check

3) Electric Vehicle Troubleshooting Guide


4) Tesla Radio Flyer FAQs


5) Request replacement parts


If the above hasn’t worked please contact RadioFlyer using the contact details at the top of this page.

The following will only be required if RadioFlyer send out replacement pedals or motor/gearboxes.

Tesla Model S for Kids: Pedal Replacement

Tesla Model S for Kids: Motor/Gearbox Swap

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