Supporter Discounts

These exclusive discounts (over 50 of them) are for paid supporters only as a thank you to those accelerating the speed in which we grow inline with our mission, these exclusive discounts will at the very least offset your yearly £50 access to our community, not forgetting there are many other additional benefits of membership.Paid supporters: please login to claim your discountsIf you're not currently a paid supporter please become a supporter by purchasing Tesla Owners UK Official Supporter Pack + Annual Supporter Fee or Tesla Owners UK / TOGUK Signature Supporter (3 year prepay) - No welcome pack required.Discounts are for a range of products and services including:
  • Store
  • Driving training courses
  • Insurance
  • Hotels
  • Security products
  • Car History Checks
  • Installers
  • Repairers
  • Resellers
  • Accessories
  • Car Hire
  • Travel
  • Software

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