Tesla Charging Etiquette

Last modified: 25/09/2019
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All of these should apply regardless of the charger you’re plugged into:

  • Once your car is charged move it. End of. No excuses. (the only exception to this is when using a destination charger based at an airport/train station)
  • Never park in a charging bay, ever. End of. No excuses.
  • If others arrive in need of a charge and your car has enough power to get to the next charger / your destination move your car if possible
  • Never leave rubbish around a charger.
  • Don’t waste your time charging above 80% unless you really need the charge (e.g. going on a long trip), it takes the same amount of time to charge from 0-80% as it does from 80-100%. It’s far quicker to leave at 80% and then move on to the next charger along your route instead of staying for an extra 30-60 minutes charging.
  • Buy a CHAdeMO adapter or CCS adapter (less than 1% of the price of the car) and use that when using a rapid charger, the AC Type 2 isn’t designed for Teslas and you’re blocking smaller EVs from charging on a rapid. If you urgently require the charge leave a note on your windscreen with your phone number.
  • Be courteous and friendly to others users (e.g. always help others if they’re struggling to start a charge).
  • If you’re unsure what to do then simply ask others or post on the discussion group
  • If the supercharger or charger is broken/not at full performance then inform the operator (phone number is found on the side of the charger or ring roadside support if a supercharger) – They might be able to restart the charger to get you charging. If this still doesn’t work move your car out of the space so an engineer can fix and/or other owners can attempt to charge later in the day.
  • Non-adjacent etiquette at superchargers, basically superchargers are in pairs (e.g. 1A > 1B), a general rule of thumb is never plugin to a supercharger if another car is going to be immediately next to you, of course, if there is no other option it will be fine to do so but you will get a reduced charge rate. You will see stickers at the base of each supercharger, if a car is plugged into 1A then don’t plugin to 1B if 2A or 2B is free. Learn more about how superchargers work  Learn more about how superchargers work.
  • Put your phone number in your windscreen if charging at a charging location that doesn’t have another charger nearby, especially if you plan to be charging for many hours or ensure reception knows you’re the owner of the EV charging
  • If an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) is parked in a charging bay then leave them a note explaining why this isn’t helpful / report it to the facility
  • If you don’t need the charge but just want to ‘top up’, offer your space to others arriving and stay with your car during this charge.
  • Always unwind cables before use.
  • Place chargers back in holsters after use.
  • Ensure cables are neat and tidy before you leave.
  • If it’s an unpopular charging location or new location consider adding a ‘successful charge’ to the Plugshare app including photos and review
  • Ensure the car is charging before you leave, some locations (e.g. in Milton Keynes) you will get a parking ticket if the car isn’t actually charging. Remember these are charging bays and NOT convenient EV parking bays!

Some others:

  • If a charging spot you needed is being used, and you are able to park next to a car that is currently charging, it’s perfectly fine to leave a note asking the owner to plug your car in (or ring you) after his or her session is complete. (This will only really apply to CHAdeMO chargers). If you have received such a note, honour the request. If the charging session requires a fee, you are obviously not obligated to activate the charging session (and incur a fee)—although that kind gesture will likely be returned some day just remember that some locations will lock charge cables in if using someone else charge card.
  • If a vehicle has finished a charge and you can unplug (e.g. a CHAdeMO) then you’re OK to unplug and charge. You need to be 100% sure it has finished charging and treat the car/adapter as if it was your own. Afterall these owners shouldn’t be hogging a spot in the first place. Some owners may get upset/uptight about this so be careful, simply remind them it isn’t a parking spot, it’s a charging bay and they should have moved their car once it had finished charging should do the trick.
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