How to reboot your Tesla if something is going wrong

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Just like a smartphone or a computer sometimes the computer systems in the Tesla need a reset (driving isn’t affected) this is common for small issues like 3G/4G temporary loss or Spotify disconnecting and not reconnecting. Often it will spring back into life within 5 minutes of driving but occasionally you might require a quicker solution.

Tesla Roadside Assistance often will go through these reset guides when you call so to save them time it often is worth trying these before giving them a call.

Option 1 – Reset the 17″ main screen (left of steering wheel)

Hold both scroll wheels for 10 seconds and the main screen will start to reset

Option 2 – Reset dash screen (screen above steering wheel)

Hold both buttons above the scroll wheels for 10 seconds and the main screen will start to reset

Option 3 – Deep reset – Reset of most systems

Shut all doors and keep them shut.
Place foot on the brake.
Hold both scroll wheels + both buttons above scroll wheels for 30+ seconds (total of 4 fingers required)
Car resets.
Continue to hold foot on the brake.
Car jumps back to life.

Option 4 – Deep power down and reset – Reset of all systems

Sit in driver’s seat. In park with all doors closed.
Menu, service, power off.
Wait about 60 seconds for the interior lights to go out.
Wait 30 seconds more to be safe.
Press brake pedal.
Wait about 30 seconds whilst everything boots up (you may see odd error messages for a few seconds).

Note: this doesn’t reset any other saved locations on the GPS etc, to do that requires a ‘reset to factory settings’ which isn’t advisable unless explicitly requested by Tesla.

Option 5 – Contact Tesla

The phone number for roadside support is found within the manual or by pressing the Tesla T on your main screen of the car or by visiting

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