Charging at Friends and Families homes or other locations without car charging facilities

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Sometimes it’s most convenient to charge at the home of your friends or families, however, this can come across as a little rude sometimes, especially if you expect it and then it’s an issue.

I find it best to ask ahead of time and offer to pay for the electricity up front, failing that a nice bottle of wine normally does the job.

The best thing to do is a have a backup plan in place so if it’s awkward then you can forget it and charge elsewhere afterwards.

Option 1 – Total cost £64 (giving 25M + 6M length)

The easiest method of charging away from home in my personal experience is to buy:


If you find yourself stuck with the only option of using a cheap extension cable then turn down the AMPS to 5 and keep checking the plug and cable aren’t getting too hot!

This gives you a decent length of cable that should work in 90% of situations, worst case you have to leave a side window open.

Option 2 – More expensive but far more versatile – Total cost £350+ (Giving 2-25M + 6M Length)

A better solution is something from Xavier (one of our forum members & Approved Suppliers):

This connects to the Tesla UMC but requires the Tesla RED 16A UMC adaptor which you must buy from Tesla.

The compact version allows you to go through things like letter boxes etc for easy access to home charging, the rest of the system also allows you to basically charge at any location in Europe with the various connections.

Option 3 – Stick with what you’ve got and risk it (6 Meters)

The whole point of the Tesla UMC is that you’ve got a UNIVERSAL connector that will plug into any 3-pin socket as standard but many owners find the 6 Meter cable simply isn’t long enough for most occasions it’s needed.

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