East Cambusmoon Holiday Cottages, Loch Lomond

Gartocharn, West Dunbartonshire G83 8RZ, UK
East Cambusmoon Farm, Duncryne Road Gartocharn Scotland G83 8RZ GB

East Cambusmoon Holiday Cottages are luxury, eco-friendly self-catering holiday cottages within the stunning surroundings of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Situated on the 5 acre smallholding of East Cambusmoon Farm, near Gartocharn, the two cottages are ideally placed for all kinds of outdoor activities such as cycling and walking, whilst also being close to Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling, offering guests the best of both worlds.

Owners Deborah and Steve Macken have breathed new life into what were previously semi-derelict farm buildings whilst retaining the scale, style and materials of the local vernacular. They love their local environment and are passionate advocates of sustainable tourism, firmly believing that long term sustainability is the key to life and business.

The holiday cottages have earned and retain a Gold rating in the Green Tourism Business Scheme and also feature as selected members of Sawdays Scotland special places to stay. Low-energy design principles and renewable energy technologies have been deployed to minimise energy use and carbon impact, whilst maximising guest comfort.

Guests arriving in electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles (EVs) are offered complementary charging via three charge point options:

  • 7kW/1-ph
  • 22kW/3-ph
  • 22kW/3-ph (Tesla only)

We’re part of the Tesla Destination programme, so can be found on the touchscreen by typing ‘East Cambusmoon’ into the Navigation app.


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