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This world is a cruel place sometimes and if we can put a smile on someone’s face we will do our best.

Who will we try and help?

  1. Parent/guardians of children that are undergoing surgery or that have been diagnosed with a life-changing condition
  2. Hospital/hospice members of staff that would like to request a Tesla Model S Children’s Car for their unit
  3. Anyone diagnosed with a life-threatening condition
  4. Schools or children’s organisations that would like a group of Tesla vehicles to appear for events (whether public events or ‘show and tell’ events).

What can we possibly help with?

We would love to help with all requests but for obvious reasons, we cannot guarantee that we can help with your exact request, however, we will do our best to:

  • Help secure a RadioFlyer Mini Tesla for a children’s hospital or hospice unit so when children go to surgery they can go in style with a smile on their face or offer respite help (note: we require the cars to be used at the facility by those children receiving medical care ONLY. Charities/hospitals are not allowed to resell/auction the cars, we remain owners of them so please only apply if your patients will use them).
  • Visit a location to perform a Tesla Model X Dance or Summon Show (children sit in the cars whilst we drive the cars via our smartphones forwards and back at crawling speed)
  • Have a performance Tesla Model S/X take a child (or group of children) out for a Ludicrous/Insane Launch (accompanied by their parents)
  • Help transport a child + parents/guardians to/from a location on a certain day (e.g. a special day trip or to a hospital appointment etc)

How do I make a request?

Please ensure you’re the person that has the suitable authority to organise this before proceeding.

Complete this form

If you don’t hear back within 7 days please message us on Facebook

We’re also registered with MakeAWish and can provide wishes and/or provide transport to/from wishes.

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