Our primary goals are:

  • To gather all UK owners & enthusiasts of Tesla products under one roof for easy discussions, problem-solving and social events (TOGUK will always remain confirmed owners only)
  • To create & maintain a knowledge base of information for current & future Tesla owners.
  • To maintain the approved supplier directory so owners can quickly find a suitable well-reviewed company to help them with their needs.
  • To promote the uptake of electric vehicles in the UK and Europe.
  • To promote good & safe charging practices.
  • To organise exclusive benefits for members.

The history of Tesla Owners UK & TOGUK

Back in July 2014 a bunch of early adopters joined a Facebook group set up by Steve Manley to discuss their Tesla vehicles, the group continued to grow and be an enjoyable place to discuss the good, the bad and the greatness of our cars. Unlike many of the other social media car owner groups in the world Steve set up the group so only confirmed owners could gain access, Tesla took notice of this and gave members exclusive access to information, insights and opened the doors (just a little) to the company, this partnership has continued to blossom to a constant two-way conversation with Tesla and many UK owners, which is unheard of in the motor industry.

In 2016 Tesla recognised the group as the official owners’ group in the UK, it’s important to note that Tesla does not control our owners’ group in any way other than the logo which we use. We the owners control the group. Sadly after many long hours and due to work commitments, Steve had to step down as Group President in April 2017 and the group voted Will Fealey to continue the day to day running of the group for the foreseeable future.

Since April 2017 Will has continued to be the middleman for the group members and Tesla, addressing key issues directly with Tesla executives not only in the UK (Sales/Service/Parts) but also in Tilburg (EU Assembly Plant) and Fremont (Factory).

In July 2017 the owners’ discussion group hit 2000 confirmed members and it continues to grow every day for obvious reasons

In August 2017 this website was launched which gives new, existing and future Tesla owners a place to find information that often goes missing inside a busy private community, key areas that owners required and that have been implementing were:

  • Guides – From finding the best accessories to how to install upgraded LEDs and everything else in between
    • About the car
    • Charging away from home
    • Superchargers
    • Things to do for new owners
    • Upgrading and modifying
  • An Approved Supplier Directory which gives owners safe & trusted businesses to buy products or services from and ensures the main discussion forum doesn’t require businesses to actively promote.
  • Events section – A sortable events calendar
  • Shop – Selling membership packs and clothing

Our key to success:

  • Continuing to be a fun and lighthearted community of owners
  • Pretty much an answer to every Tesla or EV related question.
  • Access to owners who are already on their 6th Tesla.
  • Our charity efforts
  • Tesla Clubhouse events.
  • Nationwide events run by owners & Tesla
  • User-written guides
  • Access to various experts in multiple fields
  • Road trips
  • Approved Supplier List
  • Printables
  • Member Discounts
  • Our group is monitored (but not controlled) by Tesla, so issues are resolved quickly.


The vast majority of the content on this website + access to our discussion groups are completely free, however, we do have running costs that need to be paid and therefore we offer a supporter pack to help us offset these costs, you can learn more about this on our supporter pages. The supporter fee is determined by our team and can be adjusted at the general meeting according to documented costs.

Formalising the group

(Update: Voting in of the interim officers happened in December 2017, we recently had our first meeting and will update the group soon)

To ensure our team are suitably protected and to ensure all funds are kept separate from any personal income a limited company has been formed, Tesla Owners UK Limited will be run for profit but with the aim to ensure all funds are reinvested into the company to further grow the group and ensure it lasts forever.

Currently, William Fealey is the sole director but within the coming months a full board of directors will be appointed to ensure the group can remain active for many years to come.

A formal voting in process will be introduced in the coming months for directors and additional moderators. If you’re interested in helping out please make contact with our team.

All costs directly related to the setting up of the group, its website and other costs will continue to be recorded with receipts and will be offset against membership income to ensure the group is self-funded.

The majority of costs associated with the company consist of:

  • Website hosting & software
  • Welcome packs
  • Event insurance
  • Bookkeeping and accountancy

Income comes from:

Currently, no director or moderator is paid a salary nor have they had any of their costs associated with the running of the group paid for by the company, however, once the company is profitable these receipted costs that have been taken on primarily by William Fealey will be paid back.

In the event that no further director wishes to run the company, all owed monies will be paid and the remaining balance of the company will be paid to a suitable road safety charity.

Voting in of presidents, directors and moderators

As discussed above a more formal process is required for the appointment of presidents, directors and moderators to ensure all involved are aware of the requirements, can take some time to decide if it’s something they’re willing to do and so we can ensure a balanced group of people are chosen.

Within the next few months a proper board of directors will be appointed to ensure the group always has:

  • One president
  • One deputy president
  • 3 or 5 other directors
  • A non-voting company secretary
  • A non-voting company bookkeeper

Is it TOGUK, Tesla Owners’ Group UK or Tesla Owners UK?

We basically have:

  • Tesla Owners UK Limited that is known as Tesla Owners’ UK – The main name for everything we do, then within that we have:
    • Tesla Owners’ Group UK (TOGUK) – The primary discussion group the majority of us are in & the url that we own that links to this site

In an ideal world, I’d change the name of Tesla Owners’ Group UK (TOGUK) to Tesla Owners’ UK but I fear jaffa cakes would be thrown out of car windows if I did that so soon.

©2019 Tesla Owners UK, Tesla Owners Group UK &/or Tesla Owners UK Limited are the names of our independent enthusiast organisation that is officially recognised by Tesla. We're not Tesla, Inc or any of its subsidiaries nor are we masquerading as them. TESLA, MODEL S, MODEL X, MODEL 3, POWERWALL and the TESLA, T and TESLA and T Flag designs, and certain other marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tesla, Inc. in the United States and Tesla Motors Limited in the UK.

Before you use this website


This website is an owners club/group run by owners and not owned or run by Tesla, Inc or Tesla Motors Limited. 

The content on the site is not administered, controlled or created by Tesla. All content has been created by confirmed UK owners of the Roadster, Model S, Model X, or Model 3 cars.

All logos and relevant artwork are owned by Tesla, Inc. TESLA, TESLA MOTORS, TESLA ROADSTER, MODEL S, MODEL X, Powerwall, Model 3 and the “TESLA,” “T” and “TESLA and T in Crest” designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tesla, Inc. in the United States and other countries.


We're officially recognised by Tesla as a confirmed owners group, this gives us unique access to the company, events etc. Access to the majority of information on this website & our Facebook discussion group is free but we do ask that if you enjoy being a member you may wish to consider becoming a supporter.


By accepting these terms & continuing to use our website you agree to our privacy policy and our use of cookies. No content is to be copied from this website to anywhere else. Only owners of a Tesla car or energy product are allowed to access the private sections of this website.

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