Alongside this website we also run several online Discussion forums.  Owners and Prospective Owners can discuss all elements of Tesla ownership as well as subjects close to our hearts, such as sustainability and our charities.

The discussion groups are all on Facebook. Some are members only, but some are open to prospective owners.

Main Discussion Group

Members only (S/X/3/Roadster/Powerwall)

  • Everything Tesla, Renewable Energy & Electric Vehicle related
  • ~700,000 posts & comments per year. Total of ~7000 verified owners​
  • By owners for owners​
  • Actively watched by Tesla​

Tesla Owners UK: Lounge

Members only.

  • From SpaceX launches to Business discussions & everything inbetween
  • Only for members
  • By owners for owners​
  • Ideal for lighthearted chat & requests for help on non Tesla topics

Reservation Holders

Model 3 / Y RN Holders only

  • Ask questions before you collect so you're an expert before the car arrives
  • Complements our onboarding process​ perfectly
  • By owners for owners
  • Join without being a member

CyberTruck Reservations

Cybertruck RN Holders only

  • Pure Cybertruck discussions including from those that have been in it
  • Ask questions before you order and learn from other Tesla owners
  • Join without being a member

Regional Chapters

Find local owners near to you. Members only.

  • Local events near to you
  • From coffee catch ups to full blown events
  • Dedicated local team organising benefits and events

Tesla Owners UK: Suppliers

Talk with Tesla Approved Suppliers.

Tesla Owners UK: Racing/Track Days

Members only.

  • From modifications to track days event discussions
  • Only members of the main discussion group allowed in
  • By owners for owners​

Tesla Owners UK: Advocacy Team

Members only.

  • Working together towards Tesla Owners UK's mission statement
  • Working with members to work with local and national Government
  • Do more than just consume.

Tesla Owners UK: Social (Twitter / Facebook etc)

Follow and interact with us elsewhere

Frequently Asked Questions:

Currently we primarily use Facebook’s Groups as they’re generally superior to other similar tools, that said we appreciate Facebook isn’t for everyone so we’re working on an alternative but we’re waiting for Tesla to provide us an area on

In the meanwhile is a dedicated UK discussion group, however, as you will see it’s very quiet.

Alternatively, you may find the following websites of use (please note we don’t manage these, cannot be held responsible for any of the content and most importantly don’t actively try and problem solve etc for owners on these):

You can contact the Moderator Representative using the details listed on our team page.


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